BIAS : Journal of Dress Practice - Art Director

As the Art Director and Senior Editor of the second issue of BIAS : Fashion + Politics, Cayla oversaw all creative decisions regarding sourcing, photography, fashion and design content for the publication.  As a skilled graphic designer, she independently laid out the entire book from its development to final print process.  As a founding member of the Dress Practice Collective, Cayla served as president of the group and orchestrated multiple aspects of the publication's launch, including the promotion, planning and distribution at its release.  As a returning contributor to BIAS, her piece entitled, “West Over Rest: Fashion’s Internalized Racism” can be found on page 15 of the issue.

A journal produced by the Dress Practice Collective which explores the intersection of visual culture, fashion theory, design studies and personal practice pertaining to the topic: Fashion + Politics.  Released in conjunction with the Fashion + Politics Symposium: Fashion Praxis, the journal explores such issues as performative dress practices, sartorial activism, national identity formation, and prominent public figures. Boasting over 30 contributors from across the globe, this issue bridges the disciplines of academia, fashion, art, and politics.